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A Crane Regional Defense Group membership is a sound investment in the growth of your business and the success of this region. Our members are the lifeblood of this organization and as diverse as the region it supports, from large-scale businesses to small, minority-owned firms in nearly every business sector. Our small business members–companies with less than 200 employees in the region–will make up the largest portion of the membership. 


  • Influence the agenda as thought leaders during collaborative events with Army or Navy leadership, NSA Crane installation command, federal, state, local and community leaders. 

  • Learn early and often via access to key regional stakeholders, decision makers, influencers and consultants, including direct briefings on the activities both inside and outside the NSA Crane gates. 

  • Network with Crane commands, other government agencies and organizations, federal, State, local jurisdiction, business and community leaders. 

  • Stay informed of the Defense activities inside and outside the gate in the Indiana Uplands region. 

  • Shape the future through CRDG priority initiatives in areas including mission priorities, economic diversification, workforce development, higher education, and infrastructure improvements. 

  • Work together in partnership with government, industry and military leaders to accelerate the economic and community development of Indiana Uplands. 

  • Succeed for themselves and others as influential members supporting high-priority initiatives with impacts for local, state, regional and national communities of interest. 


Our members can choose their level of involvement and financial commitment. View our Membership Levels information sheet below to learn more. 

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