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Team Crane joins Crane Regional Defense Group for unique Connect to Mission event

WESTGATE@CRANE Technology Park, (Odon) Indiana (Nov. 15, 2023) - The Crane Regional Defense Group (CRDG) hosted a Connect to Mission (C2M) event November 7 at WestGate Academy. The program featured representatives from Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane's Corporate Operations Department, Command Support, and Office of Undersecretary of Defense (OUSD), as well as Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) and facility specialists from NSWC Crane and Naval Facilities Mid-Atlantic Public Works Department.

The half-day, collaborative forum brought together nearly 150 Team Crane employees and defense contractors representing over 80 businesses (small, large, and non-traditional) from 14 states across the U.S. “NSWC Crane’s work as a national technical leader in Strategic Missions, Electromagnetic Warfare, and Expeditionary Warfare is made possible through the team of business professionals we highlighted at the latest Connect to Mission event,” said Dr. Kyle Werner (SSTM), NSWC Crane Deputy Technical Director. “This event was all about discussing the opportunities to add industry capability and expertise to those business areas as force multipliers for our mission. Our partners have helped us get to where we are now, and events like these build opportunities for even more collaboration in the future.”

Dr. Kyle Werner (SSTM), NSWC Crane Deputy Technical Director providing opening comments.

Photo courtesy of NSWC Crane Corporate Communications Dept.

Through an interactive exercise during Dr. Werner’s opening remarks, it was determined that Ken Garber, president and CEO of DEL RAY Systems and Technology traveled the farthest to attend the event, coming from San Diego, California. “The Government – Industry – Academia partnership is very strong at Crane. This is a positive and attractive environment for small businesses like DEL REY to invest resources and seek opportunities where we can support the needs of NSWC Crane and our warfighters,” said Garber. “Like most things in life, successful business has its foundations in personal relationships and trust. The partnership opportunities and people making them happen far exceeded any expectations I had. I look forward to continuing DEL REY’s involvement with CRDG and becoming part of the NSWC Crane Defense Industrial Base.”

The robust agenda included an overview of the NSWC Crane Corporate Operations Department that highlighted areas such as human resources, communications and security. Additionally, Anthony Fabrizio, Deputy Commander with CAAA, presented a video and introduction into Crane Army’s mission and goals as they execute large investment into infrastructure improvements throughout the base. A Team Crane facility panel also briefed the audience, providing insight into operational challenges, and contracting needs from a public-works perspective.

“Amentum appreciates the Connect to Mission and other in-person events held at WestGate Academy to receive updated strategy and direction from Crane leaders. We have gained great value from, and appreciate being a member of CRDG, said Adam Buehler, operations director. “This event and others like it are necessary to grow the Crane ecosystem through collaborative key-leader sessions, and Amentum is proud to be a strategic member in that endeavor and looks forward to future opportunities for continued engagement.” Amentum is a tenant in the WestGate@Crane Technology Park and a five-star CRDG member.

The final panel of the day featured NSWC Crane’s specific multiple OUSD assignments and their respective contracting opportunities, including those in Research and Engineering (R&E) and Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S). Representatives highlighted their respective programs, which included Innovation, Capability, and Modernization (ICAM) Systems Engineering Field Activity (SEFA), Manufacturing Science & Technology, Trusted and Assured Microelectronics, Microelectronics Commons, and Multi-Agency Advanced Concepts Test Bed (MACH-TB). An explanation of these programs and how they align from Crane to OSD can be found in the full presentation, listed under the Resources tab on the CRDG website. Additionally, resource websites are provided for contractual/proposal opportunities related to these efforts.

In a new C2M approach, this wide range of topics and mission areas provided attendees with a broad explanation of Team Crane’s functions and how they all work together to support the warfighter.

“C2M has had groundbreaking success in its first year as a program,” said Kent Parisien, CRDG president. “CRDG has provided a unique opportunity to aggressively expand the defense innovation ecosystem, increase the region’s competitive advantage and accelerate delivery of solutions to the DoD warfighters as businesses prove they have strong desire to be present in southern Indiana.”

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) Panel, facilitated by Sandore (Sandy) Zehr, Ph.D., Command Lead - Mission Integration for Distributed Operations (MIDO)

C2M is an ongoing series hosted by CRDG to continuously highlight an NSWC Crane department and provide insight and understanding into the needs of their mission areas, challenges and opportunities for collaboration. Dates for the 2024 quarterly C2M events were announced:

  • Feb. 6, 2024 - Spectrum Warfare Systems Department

  • May 7, 2024 - Global Deterrence and Defense Department

  • Aug. 6, 2024 - Special Warfare and Expeditionary Systems Department

  • Nov. 5, 2024 - Crane Commands and Command Support Departments

The final CRDG event of 2023 will feature NSA Crane as CDR. Luis G. Martinez presents a State of the Installation Address on Tuesday, Nov. 21 at WestGate Academy from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. To be added to future event invitations, learn more about CRDG or join as a member for exclusive benefits, visit

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